Have fun traveling to the most popular destinations in the US, but do not miss to learn about parking

The US is the most pampering, diverse, and fascinating nation, and most travelers visit the United States. Everyone loves to experience the lifestyle, the diversity of culture and the exciting natural bliss that characterizes the plateau of this beautiful nation. The United States stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific and includes many cities that are not really popular with tourists, but that make up part of tourism. People who want to experience the exquisite US scene will find that this destination is the most amazing for all genres:

1. Washington DC

The US capital is famous for its bureaucratic land and is home to US President Washington DC. It houses the famous US capital, the White House, the Washington Monument, the Pentagon and other legislative sites and offers a wonderful experience of traditional, cultural and political nature. There are a number of galleries and museums scattered throughout the journey. In this way, you acquire much knowledge that you can remember.

2. Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona, is a laid-back vacation destination known for its weather. It is the quietest place that offers a fascinating heritage. Phoenix is ​​home to spas, golf courses and body treatment centers. Travelers can recharge their batteries and visit the countless pubs and bars that are available throughout the city at night.

3. Los Angeles

This is a charming city where the famous Hollywood sign is located. It is the most popular and is visited by aspiring artists. The nightlife is fantastic, there are beautiful beaches and the lifestyle is soothing. People love strolling the streets of Los Angeles to catch a glimpse of their favorite musician, star or artist.

4. New York City

New York City is known for its charm and its positive charisma. There is a list of travel baskets as New York has major cultural epicenter. It is an extremely diverse, fascinating and relaxing destination that attracts millions of visitors every year. There are spellbinding attractions, including a number of museums, theaters, galas and art galleries in a multitude of glittering skyline, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and much more that can only be seen in the movies.

There are many other cities worth visiting, such as Las Vegas, Miami, San Diego, San Francisco, Minnesota, Houston, Boston, Yosemite National Park, Honolulu and more. Discover the destination, which are the most beautiful places, and feel every moment of this fascinating getaway. Book your travel plans on time, pack your bags and enjoy this breathtaking and spectacular destination of your choice.

With all the glamor and glamor of these cities, the biggest problem is parking. The number of vehicles is increasing and not the parking lot. This is the reason why visitors who do not know much about the park rules have great difficulty finding a suitable parking space that is not enough anyway.

There is a need to improve the parking functions on the road. The roads must be laid out in such a way that parking strips are present. Alternatively, officials can convert some lanes into parking lanes. Therefore, limit parking on the street as this will help eliminate some parking concerns.

A short introduction to the Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport is often referred to as the LAX [IARA Airport Code] and is the main airport for Los Angeles and the surrounding area in California, USA. It is a very busy airport, the sixth largest in the world in 2010 with 59 million passengers.

Place and history

It is located in the south west of the city called Westchester, about 25 km from downtown Los Angeles. It covers some 3 500 hectares of land, founded in 1928, when the city of Los Angeles acquired the land that at that time consisted of fields of lima beans, barley and wheat, and was built in 1929 as the first airport structure.

Originally known as Mines Field, the name of the airport was changed to Los Angeles International Airport in 1941 after the broker who arranged the purchase of the fields. From then on, the airport developed into the main airport in Los Angeles, which took over Burbank Airport and Grand Central Airport in Glendale. was built so that you have a wide view of the airport.

From the first jet service launched from LAX to New York in 1959, the airport became an important center for jet travel, as underscored by TWA's Boeing 747 service from 1970 on the route to New York. The terminals were also used as satellite buildings accessible via underground tunnels from the ticket sales area. In 1981, a $ 700 million LAX extension was made to prepare for the 1984 Olympics, where two new terminals were built for the airport, including the airport's sophisticated Tom Bradley Terminal.

A short explanation of the terminals of LAX

Today, LAX has nine passenger terminals, arranged in a horseshoe shape and served by a shuttle bus.

Terminal One mainly serves regional flights and is the busiest terminal with around 135 departures per day.

Terminal 2 serves foreign airlines that do not use the Tom Bradley terminal. It was the original international terminal built in 1962.

Terminal 3 is currently used by Virgin America, V Australia, JetBlue, Alaska Airlines and AirTran Airways.

Terminal 4 is used exclusively by American Airlines, with the exception of departures from Qantas to Brisbane and Auckland. Terminal 5 will be used by Delta Airlines, while Terminal 6 will be used by Continental and some Delta flights, and from April 2011 by Alaska Airlines.

Terminals 7 and 8 are home to United Airlines.

The Tom Bradley International Terminal, the newest terminal built, houses the international airlines that do not use Terminal 2, including British Airways, Swiss airlines, Lufthansa and Turkish airlines.

in total

The Los Angeles International Airport carries more unconnected passengers than anywhere else in the world and is also the busiest airport in California and the third largest airport for passenger traffic in the United States alone.

Summer festivals in and around Los Angeles

Often referred to as the "Creative Capital of the World". The city of Los Angeles attracts millions of tourists every year. The arrival of the summer is marked by all the outdoor festivals and events taking place in and around Los Angeles, known for its numerous summer festivals. Not only music festivals, but also numerous stand-up comedy acts, free concerts, film festivals and much more. Book last minute flights to Los Angeles with United Airlines Reservation and join one or all summer festivals.

Lightning in a bottle

This is a transformation festival in the Central Coastal region of Southern California. The festival is a varied mix of music, art and culture. Book airline tickets from United Airlines as part of a unique vegetarian festival that includes a variety of visual and interactive art installations, group meditation exercises, guest speakers, yoga classes and other activities that will be beneficial to attendees. Many tourists and locals camp on the grounds of the festival so as not to miss a single moment. There are many ways to volunteer at the event. Take part in the DoArt Foundation's Lightning in a Paint Can, the largest live painting event in the US as a performing artist.

Los Angeles Film Festival

This is an annual film festival that takes place in California in June. The festival presents independent, global, feature, documentary and short films. The festival, which was founded in 1995 as the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, is directed by "Film Independent". The Los Angeles Film Festival attracts more than 36,000 visitors and offers over 100 entries of feature films. It also includes many seminars and free outdoor demonstrations. In addition to feature films, short films by students are also shown. In 2011, more than 200 films, music videos and short films from more than 30 countries worldwide were shown. Book JetBlue Airways flights to become part of this annual festival.

Jazz Reggae Festival

This is a two-day festival of art, music, culture and diversity that takes place at the UCLA Intramural Field. The festival, which takes place every Memorial Day Weekend, is in high demand among press, artists and local residents. The festival is often regarded as one of the first concerts in California in the jazz and reggae genres. The festival features live-interacting painting, sustainable art installations, sculptures, graffiti art and an exhibition space where all LA artists can see and buy works.

Electric Daisy Carnival

The EDC-designated three-day carnival attracts more than 400,000 visitors. It is one of the largest electronic dance carnivals in the world. The festival is known for various types of dance music, including trance, trap, bounce, bass and hard-style. Since its inception, it has spread to various locations in the United States including Mexico, Florida, California, New York, Texas, and Nevada, as well as overseas, including Mexico, Japan, Brazil, and India. Verify your United Airlines reservation and Jetblue Airways reservations as early as possible to get the best flight tickets to Los Angeles.

Hard (music festival)

This is a national music festival and concert with alternative and electronic arts and emerging talents. "Heavy" is sometimes referred to as "Heavy". from his fans, based on the site of the event, namely hardfest.com. The festival is known for the Hard Summer Music Festival and the Hard Haunted Mansion, where smaller events and shows are also held.

Special activities in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the largest cities on the West Coast, if not the largest. Because of its enormous size, there are hundreds of fun things to do in LA. It can be a bit overwhelming, but do not worry. Here are the eleven most important things you can do on your trip to Los Angeles. From tours over theme parks to nature experiences, there is something for everyone in this great city. All you need is a little imagination and movie magic.

1. Brunch on the beach

On the beaches of Los Angeles, there are dozens of restaurants offering brunch on the beach. Enjoy brunch classics on the deck overlooking the ocean. Everything tastes better when eaten in the fresh sea air.

2nd Hollywood tour

Los Angeles is perhaps best known as the city of celebrities. Because of this, there are dozens of tours that visit famous homes and places. One of the most famous tours is the TMZ tour, which leads to restaurants, clubs and other places where celebrities like to stay. There is a lot to do in LA, but you should not miss this one.

3rd Segway on the beaches

Los Angeles is known for its beaches in Santa Monica, Long Beach and Venice. Many of these beaches offer Segway rentals so you can explore the sights without getting bored. Feel the sea breeze on your ride and explore the dozens of shops and restaurants on the boardwalk. Nothing could be better.

4th riding tour

Ever wanted to experience the Hollywood advertising first hand? Have you ever wanted Hollywood to be close on horseback? Now you can take Sunset Ranch & # 39; s ride to Mount Hollywood. You will not only see the Hollywood sign, but also a breathtaking view of Los Angeles, San Fernando and the Pacific Ocean. The best part is that the grill on the ranch is waiting for you when you return.

5. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood

In Harry Potter's Wizarding World at Universal Studios, which opened on April 7, 2016, you can experience what it's like to be a wizard at Hogwarts. Also included are other famous places from the book, such as Diagon Alley and Gringotts Bank, where an exciting ride awaits.

6. Skyslide

Skyspace is California's highest open-air viewing platform. 1,000 feet above the city in the US Bank Tower, you can see a stunning view of all of Los Angeles. Skyspace also has the world's first Sky Slide, a slide that leads from the observation deck to a lower part of the tower. This foil is made entirely of glass and takes you through the city.

7. Warner Brothers Studio Tour through Hollywood

There are many activities in Los Angeles you can attend, but you should not miss the chance to visit a current movie studio. On your deluxe tour, you'll be guided by guides through sound stages, televisions, and many places where some of your favorite movies and programs are shot. You will also visit Phase 48: Script to Screen, where you will see important stages in the production process.

8. Whale watching

There are dozens of whale watching trips on the shores of Los Angeles. These tours take you far into the Pacific Ocean, where you can see the elegant creatures so close you could almost touch them. If you love animals and nature then this is one of the best things you can do in LA.

9. Catalina Island

Off the coast of Los Angeles is a small island, a natural gem called Catalina Island. If you are a nature lover then this is a must. With many activities such as hiking, fishing or surfing, this place is a must for the outdoor type.

10. Farmers market

Just because Los Angeles is a huge city does not mean that there are no fresh produce there. Farmers markets are everywhere in the city, but the biggest takes place in the city center every week during spring and summer. If you're looking for fresh produce or handmade items, you've come to the right place.

11th dance cruise

Do you love to dance and explore exotic places? Then try the Aventura Dance Cruise – the world's largest Latin Dance Cruise. This cruise leaves Long Beach, California and travels to Ensenada, Mexico. Along the way you will be treated to great food, dance workshops and classes, as well as fun beach parties that last until late at night. If you want to have fun, then look no further.

The Oriental Route: Chinatown Los Angeles

When visiting the City of Angels, be sure to visit Chinatown, which is located on North Broadway, near Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. Ancient Chinatown was originally found in the center of Macy and Alameda streets in the 19th century. It was the time when settlers from China started settling in the area. On the other hand, the former settlers were still not allowed to apply for US citizenship, nor were they allowed to own a property. Since the settlers were not allowed to own land, significant real estate was sold and resold in the area, resulting in a bad business climate and the subsequent development of Union Station.

However, a new Chinatown Los Angeles emerged in the 1930s when Chinese-American community innovator Peter Soo Hoo, Sr. contemplated collective neighborhood plans that included both Chinese and American architecture. This gave the Chinese community a renaissance to express their traditions, architectural mastery, art, beliefs, goods and delicacies. This was also the beginning of Chinatown Los Angeles, which was soon to become a popular tourist attraction in Southern California.

Hotspots in Chinatown Los Angeles include: The Central Plaza, named the "Gate of Reverence," is the first to be part of modern American Chinatown. It shows a statue of dr. Kristoffer Sun Yat Sen, the founder of the Republic of China. In addition, it has the five-story pagoda, a desire that is well over 70 years old; Phoenix Bakery, known as the largest and oldest bakery that makes the nationwide popular strawberry whipped cream cake; The restaurant of Little Joe is a reminder of the great Italian population that once lived in Chinatown of Los Angeles.

Another tourist destination in Chinatown Los Angeles would be the Chinese American Museum in the Garnier Building, which was once a residence and meeting place for Chinese immigrants. It contains the physical and cultural bonds of a long past and a diverse future. In the immediate vicinity of Chinatown you will find numerous Los Angeles hotels where visitors will find adequate and comfortable accommodations. Visitors can also visit one of the many eco-friendly hotel directories online when trying to find a place to stay nearby.

The Taoist Temple was considered the most beautiful of its kind and is commonly considered a key component of the immigrant community of Chinatown Los Angeles. The temple worshipers pray by lighting incense and also delivering fruit and vegetables, which are then donated to the poor.

Wing Hop Fung Ginseng may be the biggest business not just for conventional medical products, but also for teas, herbs, dried goods, liquors, pottery, oriental gifts, traditional Chinese clothing, festival decorations, etc. This makes it a one Stop shop for many people visiting Chinatown in Los Angeles.

A number of stalls, shops and bazaars can also be discovered and has long been loved by tourists visiting Chinatown in Los Angeles. People who come and go will generally find time to browse as it is a great place to buy inexpensive clothing, toys and games, jewelry, accessories, souvenirs and herbal supplements. A common delight is the food with an authentic Asian flavor, as the merchants are not only made up of Chinese, but also of new ethnic immigrants from Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

If you're ever traveling to Los Angeles, California, make sure you visit Chinatown … you'll find this one of the best parts of your tour!

Spring in Los Angeles – Our Top 10 Attractions


From underground hip-hop clubs that represent the flavors of the West Coast to the biggest dance clubs where you're likely to meet the biggest celebrities and artists, you'll find no lack of dance and the hottest music in LA.


Los Angeles has some of the best theme parks in the backyard. Visit Universal Studios Hollywood for a taste of movie history and family fun. Take the old and young kids to Disneyland for a magical vacation that will awaken memories for the rest of your life. LA offers a lot of action in the theme park.


In LA, there should be no shortage of tour guides. Celebrity tour guides dominate the landscape, but there are many other categories that provide interesting and useful services. Tours that describe the history of the city, walks, museums and vineyards.


When you get ready to eat in Los Angeles, you can use up your entire holiday budget in just a few days with the number of five-star restaurants on a particular street. The rich Asian and Latin American cuisine of the city with California touch is unique and something you should not miss.


The hilly landscape of Los Angeles provides an excellent opportunity to see the city from a unique perspective and appreciate its natural beauty. These hikes are safe and can be enjoyed by anyone, even if you are not an avid nature lover. Just watch out for the Californian sun.


As California continues to push through this feverish drought, it's important to get a glimpse into the preciousness of the state's natural resources. Lake Tahoe is an untouched destination that comes to life in spring.


If you are looking for beach activities, you have a few ways to catch some sunbeams. One of them is Santa Cruz. The famous promenade offers a nice selection of fresh seafood and a carnival atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.


As an alternative beach destination, Monterey Bay is like no other. This beachside resort also houses one of the largest aquariums in the country, a shopping district and an ocean of thriving sea creatures.


This is the historic Los Angeles winery, where the best vineyards are just a short drive away and food and wine come together in perfect harmony. You should book your own wine tour in advance to get the best deals in the high season of tourism.


There is no comparison at Yosemite, this is a unique experience to see America's largest wildlife and untamed elements. The waterfalls and rivers of the park come to life in the spring when the snow melts and adds to the volume and power you can feel close to your body.

Our Christmas Cruise Travel to Puerta Vallarta and save money

My wife and I booked our first cruise for Christmas after much deliberation. The cost, what do the rooms look like, will we sleep at the anchor or at the engine? Thankfully for the internet, since we were able to compare the available rooms with rooms that had a video of them placed on the internet. We were able to look at the rooms and find out if we needed to travel with one or the usual five suitcases. I'm just kidding, grab three and carry two more. The next item on the agenda is to get the passports so that we can explore the island. We've found that the situation gets quite complex when you do not have a passport and something happens and you have to fly back to the US. The consulate comes into play and probably many other costly expenses that could be avoided. Two different sources urgently suggested a passport, so we go off to get fingerprints and we need to get legal & # 39; & # 39;

We secured a room for only $ 500 in deposit and payments were allowed, which I thought was great these days. In addition, the booking agency said they would put together a group and offer special rates if we could get enough people for the cruise. That was great and we are already planning our 2015 cruise, which will be greatly reduced due to the group AND we have found that winter cruise lines are twice as expensive. Thank goodness for & # 39; & # 39; Senior status & # 39; & # 39; and discounts.

My wife researched our cruise and it turns out that it will be a seven-day cruise leaving Los Angeles, and we will be in Puerta Vallarta on Christmas day. This is amazing for me. I always wanted to give my wife something special and now we are both looking forward to it. Oh, and with the groups they offer discounts and special perks, such as extra money to play. Also, we have found that we can order room service and it does not incur any additional costs. It's fantastic because we can avoid the crowds and focus on what we want to do instead of standing in line while eating.

My wife and I have traveled 40 of the 50 states and now our first cruise and we will book another. I wish you all good luck and would be glad to receive advice for OEMs.

Thanks again !!

Ethereum price

All eyes may be on Bitcoin (BTC), but analysts suggest that it may be time to pay attention to Ethereum (ETH). The second-largest cryptocurrency has recently struggled with the BTC, with a similar decline in market leader.

Like Bitcoin, ETH is stagnating, but technical indicators indicate an immediate change in assets. And fortunately for the poor, the market bias seems to be going up, not down.

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Is Ethereum ready to exit?
Popular technology analyst Crypto Thies has recently reminded its followers to pay attention to ETH. In an article published Friday evening, he noted that there is some variation in the Directional Index (DMI) and average volume on historical media.

bitcoin price usd

Although Thiese did not say in what direction Ethereum was going to go, he merely disclosed the facts and gave the reader a decision – there appear to be more technical indicators in the larger presence. He posted on graphs: Exploding his own signal, Market God. The one-day buy signal that followed the sharp rise and posted a sell signal for the 12-hour bitcoin dominance chart. This implies that ETH will have some power in the coming weeks.

Top 12 things to do in Los Angeles for free

As the largest city on the West Coast and home to Hollywood, the City of Angels seems to be a playground for the rich. The bill, however, can be deceiving. As many tourists and visitors to the city find out, Los Angeles has a lot of activities in store for you that will not damage your wallet. In the list below you will find the top 12 things that you can do in Los Angeles for free.

1. Rodeo Drive

This is an exclusive shopping district with exotic brands and exclusive privately owned boutiques. Rodeo Drive was made memorable by the venerable Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman. Since then, many visitors have visited the place to take a look at their favorite stars and browse the shops. There is no compulsion to buy, and most shopkeepers are used to tourists.

2nd Griffith Observatory

The Griffith Observatory is located on the south side of Mount Hollywood and offers stunning views of the city and surrounding areas. While the planetarium shows cost money, visitors can enjoy the spectacular hiking and biking trails and take advantage of some of the best photo opportunities in this huge city park. Other attractions include the zoo and botanical gardens, the Hollywood landmark and an impressive museum with selected exhibits.

3. Venice Beach

When it comes to free activities in Los Angeles, a trip to the legendary Venice Beach is one of the main attractions. While Venice inspired the city of Venice, Italy, the beach has now acquired its own Californian identity. Countless tourists come to the beach to sunbathe, explore the famous beach promenade and discover all the funky and eclectic characters.

4. Santa Monica

It is no exaggeration to say that the beach of Santa Monica is one of the best known in the USA. The visitors of Santa Monica seldom lack activities and sights. Some of the most eye-catching street artists, the spectacular nightlife and soft sandy beaches are perfect. Worth mentioning are also the famous pier and the ferris wheel.

5. Getty Center

5 Getty Center was designed by the legendary Richard Meier and is undoubtedly one of the most famous architectural landmarks in America. The center is home to some of the loftiest works of art in the world. Whether it's Baroque sculptures or Renaissance artworks, visitors can look forward to some of Getty Center's most beautiful and intriguing masterpieces. The magnificent view of the city is an added bonus.

6th Hollywood Walk of Fame

Los Angeles visitors will miss something if they do not take the opportunity to enjoy the atmosphere of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Walk is the who's who of Hollywood and is one of the most entertaining activities in LA that you can do for free. As a bonus, you can also visit the TCL Chinese Theater, which features some of the most famous handprints and signatures of Hollywood movie stars.

7th Walt Disney Concert Hall

This is another architectural masterpiece right in the center of Los Angeles. This masterpiece by Frank Gehry is intended to change the cultural landscape of the otherwise boring inner city of LA. Visitors can listen to the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra or simply take a free tour of this venue.

8. Sunset Boulevard

This great place has been immortalized in a series of Hollywood movies. Undoubtedly one of the most famous streets in the US, Sunset Boulevard offers visitors a glimpse into the dazzling lifestyle of Hollywood's who-is-who. This charming strip of palm trees has since become a lively nightlife district with several restaurants and live performance centers.

9th Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl is a beautiful outdoor amphitheater visited by some of the biggest names in the music world, including The Beatles and Madonna. Visitors can look forward to an extraordinary music experience in this surreal environment. In addition, the museum has impressive works of art and memorabilia depicting its history.

10. Runyon Canyon Park

For those who can not afford enough trails and views, there is no better place than Runyon Park. Minutes from Hollywood Boulevard, visitors to the park can enjoy sweeping and sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and the San Fernando Valley.

11. Grand Central Market

This is a gourmet paradise in downtown LA with over 30 vendors offering tacos and ramen noodles. It is also open every night until 22:00 so there are many ways to enjoy a late dinner or a craft brew.

12. Bradbury Building

It is the oldest commercial building in LA, but that is not the reason why this building is a tourist attraction. The Bradbury Building, with its beautiful, light-flooded central atrium featuring nearly 50-foot marble staircases and ornate iron railings, is featured in many films, notably Bladerunner and (500) Days of Summer.

Flights from JFK to Tokyo – Guides to flight search and flight to Narita or Haneda

If you need to fly from the US to Japan, NYC is one of the most popular departure cities. Today, scores of airlines flying from JFK to Tokyo operate. Whether it is a business trip, a family vacation, a romantic getaway or a private leisure travel, discounted airfares are available online.

The distance between JFK and Narita International Airport is as much as 6,728 miles. You will be on a long flight no matter which airline you choose. It is in your best interest to choose one that will help you feel as comfortable as possible. The fastest flight duration for this route is just under 14 hours. There is also a time zone difference of 14 hours.

This is a busy route, so you have plenty of options. Some of the many airlines currently offering JFK flights to Tokyo include:

• British Airways

• China Airlines

• Aeromexico

• Malaysia airline

• United Airlines

• American Airlines

• Swiss International

• Cathay Pacific

• Japan Airlines

• Delta

• Korean air

Of these, American Airlines offers the most flights, although their fares are not always the lowest. Philippines Airlines and China Eastern Airlines offer reasonably priced flights.

Typically, you can reduce the price significantly if you choose a flight with one or two stopovers. Pudong (Shanghai) and Taipei in Taiwan are two popular stopovers for connecting flights. Some flights stop in Los Angeles on the US West Coast to connect.

Other destinations on flights from JFK to Tokyo

Not all international flights to Tokyo land at Narita Airport. Maybe you'll find a better deal if you want to arrive in Haneda. Regardless of which airline and which airport you choose, you fly to Japan most conveniently in the months of January, September and October. The rates increase significantly in the months of June and December.

It is usually cheaper if you take an evening flight than a morning flight. You should book at least two weeks in advance to get a below-average fare for your plane ticket.

The way from the airport to your hotel can be very confusing if you can not read Japanese characters. It is best to carefully review a map of the airport and learn more about the transfer to downtown Tokyo. There are several hotels that also offer a free airport transfer. Consider booking a hotel with your flight at the same time to make things more comfortable.

Use the helpful search facilities to find flights from JFK to Tokyo and compare rates.

Where are the cheapest flights from JFK to Tokyo? At Expedia, the world's leading travel discount website. Just look for flights and see the fares, fees and terms and conditions. When booking the trip. Use the Expedia promotion codes to save even more money.