Family fun in VenturaCountyWest

Spending the winter in California certainly has its advantages. There is plenty to do outdoors. No better place is VenturaCountyWest (the cities of Camarillo, Oxnard and Ventura are about an hour's drive north of Los Angeles). Even if you've visited California before, VenturaCountyWest offers places you've never seen before, beaches you've never seen before, and breathtaking landscapes you've never experienced before, in an almost ideal climate. Here are some family-friendly activities.

The area is filled with bike paths. Rent bikes on Main Street in Ventura at the Ventura Bike Depot. The paths are mostly flat. Here is a suggestion: After picking up your bikes, head towards Ventura. You will pass the Ventura County Fair Grounds, a bird sanctuary, and have a magnificent view of the sea. Stop by the 1,700-foot Ventura Pier for lunch at the Beach House Tacos, or drive a little further and have a picnic in a tranquil, grassy area on San Buenaventura State Beach. Never crowded, the beach offers two miles of gorgeous cycling.

VenturaCountyWest has two ports. Paddle and electric boats can be rented at Ventura Harbor Village. During your stay, be sure to visit the carousel of 32 animals in the village arcade. There are many video and pinball games to keep kids busy and homemade fudge and other goodies to nibble on. As the village is located right in the port of Ventura, you can watch the fishing vessels catch their daily catch.

For an indoor adventure (and if kids have too much energy), visit Sky High Sports in Camarillo. It is filled with trampolines with super cushioned floors and walls. Kids can play trampoline dodge ball and other organized games or just … jump. Sky High also has arcade games and laser tag.

It's whale watching season. By mid-April, whales will be moving between the waters of Alaska and Mexico past the Channel Islands off the coast of Ventura County. Book whale-watching tours with Island Packers from Ventura or Oxnard. While watching whales, you may also see seals and dolphins on the way. Another trip on the sea is the nearby Channel Islands National Park. Only 18 km off the coast, these five islands are a natural playground for those who enjoy hiking, camping, snorkeling, kayaking, exploring nature or just breathing in the fresh sea breeze. First-time visitors can take a trip to one or all five islands, including through Island Packers.

Pack a picnic lunch and take a quiet tour with your family on an electric boat from Hopper Boat Rentals around the port of Channel Islands in Oxnard. Hopper also offers paddleboards, kayaks and pedal boats. All are great ways to experience the harbor life up close.

Where to sleep:

Mandalay Beach Hotel & Resort in Oxnard is the only all-suite beach resort in Southern California.

Just a short walk from Ventura Harbor Village, Four Points by Sheraton Ventura Harbor Resort offers harbor views and fishing boats.

Residence Inn Camarillo offers free breakfast, free internet access and kitchens in every room.

The Crowne Plaza – Ventura Beach is the only beachfront VenturaCountyWest hotel located just two blocks from historic downtown Ventura.

Flights to Paris Info – What you need to know about airports, airlines and flights

If you want to see the Eiffel Tower in all its glory or see classic art like the Mona Lisa, it's time to look for flights to Paris. It is by far one of the most sought after vacation spots in the world. Paris is a noble, romantic city that offers a lot of fun and excitement. There are not only historic sites worth hundreds of years, but also modern shopping. Paris is finally one of the fashion capitals of the world with names like Armani and Prada.

From the US, flights are offered from cities such as Atlanta, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas and Chicago. You can also fly to Paris from other countries like Canada, Singapore, South Africa and New Zealand. Most international traffic flows into Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport, one of the busiest in the world. It has several terminals and a free shuttle bus with five stops.

American and United offer several flights to Paris. The city is one of Delta's hubs, so you can always count on nonstop flights from almost anywhere in the US. There are other airlines offering cheaper flights, such as WOW Air, Icelandic and Norwegian.

When can you get cheap flights to Paris?

As with many destinations in Europe, the cheapest airline tickets are often found in the winter months – especially in January and February. The best travel time is in the spring, but the flight usually costs a lot of money. Some experts recommend that you book a flight to Paris 20 days in advance, no matter what time of year you travel. About 8-10 days before departure, the costs have tended to increase significantly. As far as the day of the week is concerned, Monday is often the cheapest flight to France and Wednesday the second cheapest. However, holidays and blackout dates are always to be considered. To fly on one of these data always costs more money.

There are two other airports near the city, including Paris-Orly and Beauvais-Tille. Whatever you fly, you can take a bus, taxi or train into the city.

Do not be so intimidated by the flight search that you forget the hotel accommodation. As such a popular city, countless Paris vacation packages are available, many of which are romantic getaways for couples. There are options when traveling with friends or family. Travel alone? Consider staying in a youth hostel or a small apartment. It's easy to find packages for accommodations and flights to Paris.

If you have an online discount code, it's time to use it. Take the opportunity to save on flights to Paris. Whether you just need a flight or need to book a hotel room and / or a rental car, you'll always find deals for a vacation in Paris online.

Small value and charm, have fun

The right location and reasonable room rates are once again the top two factors in choosing accommodation for an event, according to Destination Hotels & Resorts' recent survey planner. Behind it lies the desire for high-quality cuisine from the region. VenturaCountyWest meets all three criteria with its proximity to Los Angeles, affordable prices and restaurant deals with farm-fresh ingredients.

Just over an hour from Los Angeles, VenturaCountyWest (Camarillo, Oxnard and Ventura) offers event attendees the opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life without long travel times. "As soon as you reach Camarillo, you will immediately be greeted with acres of farmland and majestic mountain views so you can relax immediately," says Josephine Williams, managing director of Residence Inn by Marriott Camarillo. "VenturaCountyWest is an untapped resource, with beaches, shopping, wine tasting, everything new and sexy – and you do not have to travel far to get here."


Camarillo, the smallest of the three cities, offers a surprisingly diverse selection of meeting venues. Once home to one of the city's founding fathers, Camarillo Ranch House sleeps up to 600 guests for lunch or dinner on the manicured lawn and garden, and 250 guests in the 5,200-square-foot Big Red Barn. The Commemorative Air Force Museum at Camarillo Airport hosts regular dinners for up to 250 guests in hangars with fighter jets and World War II memorabilia. Cal State University on the Channel Islands also offers facilities for public and private meetings.

Further up in 101 are the towns of Oxnard and Ventura, which offer beach and mountain views for small to large gatherings. "The accommodation and room rates are extremely competitive, whether north or south of us," said David Dreher, general manager of the Residence Inn by Marriott on River Ridge. "Meeting planners may be surprised to discover that VenturaCountyWest has 5,100 guest rooms and 200,000 square feet of meeting space and meeting space."

Local cuisine

Close to the farm and the sea, restaurant chefs at the destination can select fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood. Nikki Newman, new chef at Coastal Grill at Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Hotel & Resort, Oxnard, is a recent Colorado-born transplant. "I'm amazed at the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables available throughout the year in VenturaCountyWest Colorado has a three-month vegetable season," says Newman. "There are berries, tomatoes, citrus fruits and all sorts of vegetables, and as the seasons change, I'm looking forward to adding the freshest ingredients from the region to the menu."

Stay active

Another top priority for meeting planners according to the trend forecast is the ability to conduct active, adventurous and wellness-focused team building activities.

"With our all-suite hotel right next to the River Ridge Golf Club, we're attracting many regional sales and management groups, and golf is often part of the group's activities," says Dreher. "But a new game called FootGolf is gaining in importance as a great team building activity, it's the fastest growing sport in North America and involves kicking a football into a hole on a purpose designed golf course." Southern California's FootGolf course is far cheaper than golfing, takes less time, trains participants more than golfing, and requires no previous knowledge. "

Other popular team-building activities include beach volleyball, beach biking, hiking, kayaking, surfing lessons, whale watching, go-cart racing and trips to the Channel Islands. "There are also spa and tennis activities and one of the hippest trends, the GPS-driven scavenger hunt," says Rebekah Evans, managing director of the Ventura County Lodging Association, which markets VenturaCountyWest. "Each city has its own unique and pleasant qualities, you can spend an event in Camarillo for a year and have a different experience in Ventura or Oxnard next year, as well as the friendly and attentive staff at all our hotels the goal is to provide the best possible service. "

Flights from LAX to JFK – Everything you need to know about flights from LA to NYC

Flights from LAX to JFK are very popular. Everyone wants to travel back and forth across the country between the two most populous cities in the US. There are nearly 30 flights per day, and the fastest flight time is 4 hours and 51 minutes. A return flight from NYC to LA would take about an hour longer due to the jet stream and wind effects. A few centuries ago it would have taken months to cover 2,469 miles. Now it can be done in less than 6 hours.

You have many options. Many of LAX's operating airlines offer flights to New York:

• Alaska Airlines

• American Airlines

• US Airways

• United

• Spirit Airlines


• Border

• Delta

• Great Lakes Airlines

• Virgin Airlines

You can fly at 12:30 or at 23:55. Many flights from LAX to JFK are made without a stopover. Some of them have one or more connections, usually in cities like Phoenix or Charlotte. If you arrive on a flight from Los Angeles to NYC, you will probably land at Terminal 8. Delays are rare, but when they occur, they usually last about 45 minutes.

The best months for flights from the west coast to the east coast are February and October. Prices are usually highest in April, June and July. Since this is such a popular route, the price is cheap all year round. To save the most money, it is recommended to book the flight about 25 days before departure. Airline companies that offer the lowest prices include Spirit Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Delta.

Add hotels and car hire on flights from LAX to JFK

When booking your flight, you have the option to book hotel accommodation and car rental. Bundling everything at once is sometimes cheaper than booking everything separately. Since NYC has the best public transport, you only need a rental car if you need one.

If you do not have a preferred airline, you can compare the prices of several airlines at the same time and choose the cheapest ones. The more flexible you are with the data, the easier it is to find cheap fares. You can also choose whether you prefer the Economy class or the Business class.

Take advantage of online travel vouchers to save on flights from LAX to JFK, your hotel room and / or rental car.

Where can you get these travel vouchers? Expedia offers the best deals. It's easy to get airfares at a great price. Just use the Expedia voucher codes to reduce costs for flights from LAX to JFK. Use the website's travel helps to find cheap hotel rooms.

Truth and Secrets About Discount Travel

Truth and Secrets About Discount Travel

To understand how you can get discount travel, it's helpful to understand how the travel industry works. Probably the most important thing to remember in the travel industry is that it is a perishable commodity. When a plane takes off with empty seats or a cruise ship sails with empty cabins, the opportunity to earn money is gone. Unlike other industries, a hotel can not store last night's vacancies in inventory and sell them later. Vacancies need to be filled daily to stay in business.

The travel industry has high fixed costs. Airlines, cruise ships and hotels are expensive in construction, maintenance and fuel. Undoubtedly, the travel industry wants to sell every seat, every cabin and every room at the highest price. Job vacancies, however, need to be discounted more frequently to attract interested buyers. In almost all cases it is better to get some money for a ticket or a key card than nothing.

Travel and hospitality providers know that different rates are needed to fill vacancies. For a large part of the travel industry, the main commodity earns enough money to pay for expenses. To ensure profitability, however, other profit centers have to be introduced continuously. For example, cruise ships make the most of their profits when travelers board, offering hundreds of ways to spend more. The profit centers include alcoholic beverages, gratuities, gambling, bingo, spa services, internet and telephone services, art and antique auctions, on-board shops, harbor excursions, port purchases and more.

To attract those buyers who spend multiple times on board, the travel industry offers a range of prices that are attractive for various paperbacks. Travelers can pay totally different fees for the same service. Here are three main factors that affect prices: when you travel, when you buy, and who you are.

When traveling – travel in busy times is also associated with higher prices. To get better deals, choose times when traffic is less for the places you travel to and from. This principle applies not only to the season, but also to the time of day and the day. In the US, traveling from Tuesday to Thursday is easier. And a flight from Seattle to Los Angeles may be cheaper at midday than two hours earlier. You can use travel sites like to check the dates and times and avoid holidays for places you travel.

When you buy – Generally, you will get better prices if you buy tickets either far in advance (three months or more) or at the last minute (four or five days before departure). For last-minute travel, you can use to find the best fare for possible departure and arrival date combinations. Then compare this tariff with the airline's website. Go to and bid at 50% of the lowest rate. Raise your bid in increments of 50 USD until you receive a ticket, or decide not to bid higher. You can also check last-minute rates on sites like,, and

Who You Are – There are many personal qualifications that can bring you discounts on travel, such as: For example, which credit card you own, whether you're a member of a travel club, where you live, if you're a senior, and so on. Credit cards with Reward Points allow you to earn substantial amounts of free rides on purchases you have already made. By becoming a member of a travel club such as the Global Resorts Network you will receive a 40-60% discount on luxury travel accommodations and services around the world. If you visit friends in first-class vacation destinations, you may be asked if room rates are lower when you book your reservations. For example, it can be much cheaper for a local to book a hotel in Hawaii for you. So remember to consider all club memberships or other qualifications that could help you plan discounts when planning your trip.

Choice of airlines for cheap flights to Australia

An abundance of special offers and special offers for cheap flights to Australia has made the holiday in Down Under much more affordable. Prices for flights to Australia, especially for low season travel (May and August to mid-September), are cheap compared to other long-haul destinations such as Asia and Eastern Europe.

Nonstop flights to Australia start in Los Angeles and San Francisco. If you live in other parts of the USA, you must first fly to California.

In recent years, flights to Australia have increased as existing airlines added flights and new airlines began service on this route. This is good news for travelers – increasing competition has lowered prices for flights to Australia.

When looking for the cheapest flights to Australia you will find that airline consolidators usually have the lowest prices. However, when airlines try to fill their seats and offer a short-term promotion, their prices are unbeatable. Always check the prices of the airlines that fly to Australia before you buy your tickets.

Airlines flying to Australia:


Qantas, the airline of Australia, offers the largest aircraft and most flights. With daily nonstop flights from Los Angeles and less frequent flights from San Francisco, Qantas flies nonstop to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Qantas offers American Airlines code-share flights from many US cities to connect to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The Qantas website offers frequent offers for low-season flights, special deals on flights to a city in Australia and special offers for the Aussie AirPass. If you're a member of American Airlines Aadvantage, you can earn mileage points by flying to and from Australia with Qantas.


VAustralia, the newest member of the Virgin Airlines Group, flies nonstop from Los Angeles to Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Connecting flights are available from other US cities in Virgin America and Delta. VAustralia also offers several flights departing from San Francisco.

Your planes on the Australia route are new, decorated with an Australian theme and provide comfortable seating for the long flight. The website of VAustralia informs you about the special offers of Qantas for cheap flights to Australia. However, VAustralia does not offer special offers for flight packages that also cover other destinations in Australia.

Delta Airlines

Delta flew to Sydney in 2009. Shortly after Delta commenced service on this route, the company entered into a code-sharing agreement with Virgin Airlines Group, VAustralia, for international flights and its sister company VirginBlue for domestic flights within Australia.

Delta SkyMiles club-access members can use VirginBlue's luxurious airport lounges when traveling internationally with VirginBlue within Australia or with Delta or VAustralia.

United Airlines

United flies from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Sydney, with connections from other US cities. In rare cases, United's website promotes the sale of special offers on these flights. United does not fly within Australia.

Other airlines

Air New Zealand flies from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Australia, but the flights first stop in Auckland. This increases the total flight time to Australia by several hours. Your pricing is very competitive.

Several Asian airlines also offer flights to Australia with several stopovers. These flights are usually much more expensive than the direct flights with Qantas, VAustralia, Delta or United.

Fly east

Travelers for whom comfort and luxury on the plane are more important than price and a nonstop long-haul flight should consider flying east to reach Australia. In most cases, flying east is more expensive – but you can visit Singapore (Singapore Air offers a daily nonstop flight from Newark to Singapore) or Dubai (Emirates offers two daily non-stop flights from JFK and nonstop flights Singapore). Flights from Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco) with your holiday in Australia.

What is the best day of the week to book a flight to Fiji from the US?

Looking for flights to Fiji from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport)? Before you book your flight, you should know some details. After finding a great flight, be sure to explore our Fiji guides and resorts so you can travel to Fiji like a pro. Unless you live near Greater LA, you must include a connecting flight from your local airport. In this case, make sure you have enough time for the connecting flight.

Departure days & Airlines

Air Pacifc (Fiji Airways) is the national airline of Fiji. They offer both business and economy seats. The flights start in LAX on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. A Friday, Monday and Tuesday option is often available with a stopover in Honolulu. You will definitely get the "Bula" when flying with Air Pacific!

Air New Zealand is another fantastic option to book to Fiji. They offer additional economy comfort when upgrading to Economy Skycoach. Excellent for those who want extra space or travel with children. Air New Zealand flies daily from LAX to Nadi International Airport Fiji (NAN). If you are looking for a flight on a Friday, Monday or Tuesday, you should be lucky when flying with Air New Zealand.

American Airlines routes to Nadi vary, but Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday are the best days to start your search. American Airlines & # 39; The goal for its travelers is to bring a new level of comfort, connectivity and convenience.

Qantas also leaves Los Angeles on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Qantas is Australia's largest domestic and international airline. They enjoy the reputation of exceptional customer service.

flight duration

A flight from LAX to NAN (Nadi International Airport Fiji) takes about 11 hours and 5 minutes without stopping. Connecting flights can be made between 16 and 24 hours prior to arrival. Due to the time difference you lose about two days. For example, if you leave for Fiji on July 1, you will be landing in Fiji on July 3 during the 11-16-hour flight. Most LAX flights depart at night and land in Fiji in the early morning.

Frequent Flyer Miles

If you're traveling from LAX to NAN, you can expect to collect around 5,500 frequent flyer miles in one direction.

Book a flight

Now that you know the departure days and flight options, you can easily find flights. Good trip to Fiji!

Adventure Travel in Peru – Welcome to the big city, Country Boy

When I came to Peru for the first time, I lived in Arequipa for over four months while learning Spanish. Although I grew up on a farm in Minnesota, I had lived in Tokyo and Los Angeles for about 20 years and was so used to life in the big city. However, after living in Cotahuasi for over a year and a half, I have become a country boy again. When I go to Arequipa, I usually try to keep it as short as possible. I planned a short trip there and left Cotahuasi on a Wednesday morning at 7:00. I decided to check the way to Coropuna on the way, because I drove right past. We would climb it in a few weeks and I wanted a bit more information, especially since there was fresh snow since my last stay nearby. I was also a bit nervous about the climb because Coropuna is 21,079 feet high.

I looked around and found another road and was able to get closer to the foot of the mountain than the last time. Finally, I stopped as boulders blocked the road at an altitude of about 16,000 feet. I then climbed nearly 3,000 feet, which looked like the best approach route, at about 18,800 feet. That was only about 2300 feet below the summit, so I was very happy with it. It took me three hours and 35 minutes to get there, and two hours and fifteen minutes to get back to the car. Of course, where I turned around, it really gets steep and I've already begun to really feel the effects of the altitude. I was also below the snowline, so the speed will slow significantly when we reach that point. Anyway, I thought it might even be possible to do a day hike! We'll have to see how it goes this time as a two-day hike, and then decide whether it's possible as a day's walk or not.

I arrived in Arequipa around 10:00 that evening and stayed in bed with Marcio, where I live, and before 11:00, hoping to have a good night. Of course the dogs in the neighborhood had other ideas (they bark all night), I always forget how much louder it is in Arequipa than in Cotahuasi. And then the station wagons and taxis start very early in the morning, honking and roaring for the passengers, and the room I sleep in is right on the street and definitely not soundproof!

In the morning I went to the main post office to pick up a package that was kept at customs. After waiting for about an hour, completing forms and signing, I finally got my package, surprisingly without paying anything. Why they could not just forward it to Cotahuasi, I do not know.

Then I started shopping and bought things that I can not get in Cotahuasi or are more expensive there. I talked to a shopkeeper in the Central Market and she warned me there were more pickpockets and thieves than ever before and I should be extra careful. I have learned to take such warnings seriously. Unfortunately, I had no more money and had to go to the bank before I finished shopping. I took my money in dollars at the ATM and then went to the moneychangers to exchange it for soles. When I got my soles, I put most into a money belt, which I wore around the waist and put in my pants. Of course I tried not to be too obvious and not wanting people to see where I put the money. I carefully opened the bag and went back to the shopping district, crossed the street in front of the money changer's office.

When I arrived on the other side, I noticed that a few men ran into the street and collected money. I soon realized that it was mine! Here I was, trying to get the money back from them, trying to pick up something that was still on the street, and then noticed that more money fell on the street than I moved! I was totally confused, knowing that I had zipped the bag and was sure he had not had a hole since my last use. I went back to the money changers to leave the busy street and checked the bag. there was no money in it and no hole. At last I realized that in trying to put the money discreetly, I did not have to put it in the bag, but between the bag and my pants!

Sure enough, that even more money fell into my pants legs, so here I tried to get that out and make sure I got it all while standing in the corner of the open office! I am sure that I have a nice sight. The man behind the counter kept looking at me strangely. Finally sure that I was safe; I left the office. Then I realized that it was possible that a "ladron" (thief, pickpocket) had seen me and was just waiting for me to come out. I walked away from the shopping district, often peering over my shoulder, and walked quickly into an open courtyard of a museum and office complex to gather my brains and count the money. I had about 130 soles (about $ 40) but was grateful I had not lost.

I felt it was not a good idea to walk back to the shopping district. That's why I decided to get my car and do my shopping, especially since I had to fetch some heavy stuff like sugar, milk. Popcorn, a large box of cereal and a large pack of toilet paper. I parked in the street in a busy wholesale store and went first to a shop to buy a dozen packages of my favorite biscuits, similar to a strawberry-filled vanilla oreo. I had to wait a few minutes to find 12 packets of strawberries. Just as she was putting her on the counter, a woman in the street yelled something about my car. I was afraid that a policewoman would come to give me a ticket, so she ran out of the store to see my car hooked up to a tow truck and they were just starting to leave! I ran to the truck and asked the policeman not to tow him, but to no avail. He said I had to go to the "Deposito" to get it. Of course, I had no idea where or what the deposito was, so he said I could drive them in the truck.

To shorten a long story, 142.50 soles and about an hour later, I took my car out of the confiscated yard after having to take the completed forms around the corner to have copies made for them. Almost all government agencies here require photocopies of all paper works, but they do not have copiers, so you need to go to a store and make copies. Fortunately, copy machines are everywhere in stores of all kinds, so finding one is not too difficult. I had thought of taking a copy of my passport to the post office in the morning, and they wanted to.

Later that afternoon, I met my friend Morayma and she went back with me to get my biscuits, which I had left lying on the counter while towing my car, and to do the rest of my shopping. Then I met another friend, Maribel, in the square and told her what had happened. She invited me to eat fried chicken. It was an expensive day, but I learned a few lessons about life in the big city and had a good time with two good friends. I hope tomorrow will be uneventful when I do my shopping and then go back to Cotahuasi.

Flights From LAX to SFO – The fastest way from LA to SF

The easiest way to find flights from LAX to SFO is to use a travel aggregation website and enter the departure and return dates. You can specify whether you want to search for economy flights or business class flights.

There are several airlines offering this route between the two popular California cities. In general, the cheapest time to book a non-stop flight is about 17 to 21 days in advance. For flights with a connection, it is even best to book 90 days in advance. There is usually no big price difference between buying a return flight and a one way flight.

California is a big state – 540 kilometers between Los Angeles and San Francisco. A nonstop flight usually takes just under one and a half hours. Flights from LAX to SFO are cheapest in July and October and most expensive in June. The price is consistent for the other months.

Some of the many airlines that offer flights include:

• United Airlines

• American Airlines

• Alaska Airlines

• AeroMexico

• Virgin America

• Ethiopian Airlines

• All Nippon Airways

• Singapore Airlines

• JetBlue

• WOW Air

• Border

• Delta

United offers almost 1/3 of direct flights. Seattle, Washington is the most popular connecting city for the flight. Wednesday is the busiest day to fly from LAX to SFO. The most reliable airlines with the highest punctuality share at SFO are Delta, American and Alaska Airlines.

Car hire after your flight

There are a variety of car hire and public transportation options that will take you from the airport to your San Francisco hotel. You can even combine rental cars and hotel rooms with the airfare. Sometimes it is cheaper to do this than trying to book everything separately. There are tons of cheap hotels and inns to choose from. SF is an amazing city with sights to see, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf and Alcatraz Prison.

Do you need to leave your car in Los Angeles? Parking in LAX is cheap. The airport offers short-term, long-term and economy parking facilities. If you prefer to travel by public transport, you can call one of the various taxi companies that serve the airport, or take a free shuttle bus from Green Line Subway Station.

Flights from LAX to SFO are available day and night, leaving room for flexibility. You should be able to easily find an affordable plane ticket regardless of your itinerary. While last-minute discounts are rare, you never know when you might turn up.

Use the Travelocity search engine to find and compare cheap LAX to SFO flights. The site is very easy to use and you can plan your entire trip. You may also be able to get cheap accommodation and rental cars using the Travelocity coupon codes.

Adventure Travel in Peru – Walk on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

After months of planning and over a year of dreaming, I finally boarded a bus from Arequipa to drive to Cusco and hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. My friend Milana from Los Angeles, who I hiked and mtn. By bike and Karen, her longtime girlfriend, met me in Cusco. We were supposed to be there a few days earlier to acclimatise, but Milana's flight from Lima was canceled, so she arrived at noon the day before our tour began. I had met Karen the day before and we had met a bit when we were sightseeing and hiking near Cusco.

When Milana arrived, we went to a restaurant near the square and she had ceviche to eat, it's raw fish marinated in lime juice. Either the ceviche or the lack of time to get used to the 11,000 foot height in Cusco, or both put them in a bad start. She woke up the next morning for the start of our four-day hike. We had registered for a group trip with up to 12 participants and were very pleased when the minibus picked us up this morning and found only two more people on the tour! An almost private tour to the group price. It did not seem like a small group when we added a cook and eight porters to our guide Carlos, which corresponded to a total of 15 people. Although we were only traveling six times most of the time, the porters either packed their camp behind us or hurried ahead to prepare for us. The service was great, but personally the morning tea in our tents when they woke us up, the dining tent for all three meals (though it felt really good for dinner because of the cold) and the fancy menu etc. was something I had for a cheaper price. The ultra-light hiking idea with a cast iron stove and a 20-pound liquefied gas tank will definitely not be accepted!

One of the things that surprised me the first day was to see people who actually lived along the path and cycled back and forth. On the second morning, women and children with burros went up the road to set up stalls, serve breakfast, sweets, snacks, bottled water and even Gatorade for sale! In the afternoon, everything was over when we headed for the dead woman's 13,770-foot pass, the highest point on the trail. The landscape had changed from lush rainforest in the morning to sparse vegetation and rocks on the pass and was much cooler. When we stopped at our campsite for the evening in the early afternoon, I could not only wait for dinner, but continued to the next pass and explored the byways. Solid clouds beyond the summit destroyed my hopes for a spectacular sunset, but it was still a pleasing time.

On the third day we climbed into the high jungle, thousands of other steps and actually into some of the old ruins. Also a seemingly endless variety of orchids and other flowers. One thing we did not see was wild animals, just a few birds. It also seemed that the farther we went, the more tourists there were. We barely saw anyone the first day, so I'm not sure where they all came from. That evening we were back in civilization, with the option of a restaurant, hot shower and cold beer that many enjoyed.

We got up early on the last morning and hoped to get pictures of Machu Picchu before there were any people. Actually, they opened the checkpoint a few minutes earlier and we started in the dark in the final hours of the journey and arrived in Machu Picchu shortly after sunrise. For me, one of the highlights of the journey to climb the Huayna Picchu was the high peak behind the ruins in all the standard Machu Picchu pictures. There was a wonderful path, steep and rugged, to the summit, where the view was fabulous! I saw a less traveled path behind me and followed one way but finally had to turn around to meet the others and take the bus to Aquas Calientes. It was not until I returned to the checkpoint at the beginning of the trail that I realized that it was a circular path and that I could have continued around the mountain. We did not have time to refresh ourselves in the hot springs as we arrived a little too late in Aquas Calientes and then found out we had to leave early because of the covered landslide to get to the train that would take us back to Cusco the tracks on the edge of the city. One last surprise was that evening when the train stopped a few hours before Cusco and the conductor said it was the end of the journey. We never found out why, but had to go by taxi the rest of the way to Cusco and fortunately arrived without any problems.

The trip was great, Machu Picchu was amazing and something that pictures can not live up to. Nevertheless, I took about 400 photos and tried to capture the Grander, to see it later. I look forward to returning to the area to hike from Cusco to Choquequirao, sometimes referred to as the twin town of Machu Picchu and then Machu Picchu. This hike is much rarer and allows you to explore on your own.