Our Christmas Cruise Travel to Puerta Vallarta and save money

My wife and I booked our first cruise for Christmas after much deliberation. The cost, what do the rooms look like, will we sleep at the anchor or at the engine? Thankfully for the internet, since we were able to compare the available rooms with rooms that had a video of them placed on the internet. We were able to look at the rooms and find out if we needed to travel with one or the usual five suitcases. I'm just kidding, grab three and carry two more. The next item on the agenda is to get the passports so that we can explore the island. We've found that the situation gets quite complex when you do not have a passport and something happens and you have to fly back to the US. The consulate comes into play and probably many other costly expenses that could be avoided. Two different sources urgently suggested a passport, so we go off to get fingerprints and we need to get legal & # 39; & # 39;

We secured a room for only $ 500 in deposit and payments were allowed, which I thought was great these days. In addition, the booking agency said they would put together a group and offer special rates if we could get enough people for the cruise. That was great and we are already planning our 2015 cruise, which will be greatly reduced due to the group AND we have found that winter cruise lines are twice as expensive. Thank goodness for & # 39; & # 39; Senior status & # 39; & # 39; and discounts.

My wife researched our cruise and it turns out that it will be a seven-day cruise leaving Los Angeles, and we will be in Puerta Vallarta on Christmas day. This is amazing for me. I always wanted to give my wife something special and now we are both looking forward to it. Oh, and with the groups they offer discounts and special perks, such as extra money to play. Also, we have found that we can order room service and it does not incur any additional costs. It's fantastic because we can avoid the crowds and focus on what we want to do instead of standing in line while eating.

My wife and I have traveled 40 of the 50 states and now our first cruise and we will book another. I wish you all good luck and would be glad to receive advice for OEMs.

Thanks again !!