Bean Dip seized at the Los Angeles International Airport

Bean dip confiscated at Lax

Beans dip explosives! Government that now protects us from bean bath.

Beans dip dangerous. Bean dip a terrorist threat!

Three small sealed cans of frito-lay-bean dip were confiscated this week by road safety officers at Los Angeles International Airport. The agents considered the bean dip as "paste" and dangerous, according to the agent and his superiors.

Harris and Patricia Angell flew from LAX to New York and on to the US Virgin Islands, where they live. The Angells are originally from Southern California and love Mexican food. You can not get bean dip on the island. Harris returns a few cans when visiting California during the holidays. He especially wanted her for the playoff football games and the Super Bowl.

The Angells originally packed the bean dip into their checked baggage. Their checked-in luggage was a pound or so past and they were told to remove something. They removed the bean dip and put the cans in their carry-on luggage. The ticket agent watched and did not warn.

At the security checkpoint, the TSA agent pulled out the cans and asked another TSA agent, but knew nothing. The first agent asked a supervisor. It was joked that an agent had a few chips in the back and we all could have a party. The Angells were accessible instead of losing the bean dip, but the agent did not allow it either. The first agent came back and told the Angells apologetically that they could not mix in their carry-on luggage. It was a "paste". They could check it, but their bags were already in progress. They could give it to someone who should keep it or email them, but the snake was about 100 deep and their group had gone. Many people watched the cans being thrown in the bin!

Harris Angell joked that he could just hear the comedy shows that make utterances like
"Bean Dip Explosive!" "The government now protects us from bean dipping!" "Bean Dip Dangerous!" "Bean dip a terrorist threat!" Angell added and laughed, "Maybe we could pack it in three ounces of jars in a liter of bag and eat everything on the plane indoors, so airlines would have a bigger problem, poisonous gas!"