3 reasons to abandon traditional hotels and choose a Texas guesthouse

If you're planning a trip south to the magnificent state of Texas, let us talk about accommodation for a moment. In such a large state there is no shortage of hotels, motels and, of course, always popular B & B type hotels. Hotels will do everything in a blink of an eye, but these larger chains lack the charm and character that allow a Texas guesthouse to serve as a bridge to the colorful history of the state Lone star Look at the following three reasons to choose this peculiar form of southern hospitality instead.

1. Southern hospitality says it all!

Everyone knows that in Texas everything is bigger and better, and hospitality is no exception to the famous rule. In fact, the very definition of Texas or Tejas is "friendly." And as the most western, southern country, you will experience a charm that is often associated with the region. There is no better way to immerse yourself in a slower, friendly culture than staying in quarters run by local residents who know the area. Most bed and breakfast owners in Texas stay in the same house and prepare food. There are also additional benefits that you usually win at a larger hotel, such as sweet tea, home comforters, free Wi-Fi and parking, and older homes with beautiful architecture and lots of other amenities. The key is to find a smaller city, such as Brenham, Cat Spring or Nacogdoches. Or even larger cities like Austin, Houston and San Antonio will have guesthouses that look like a small, friendly city.

2. Connection with the past.

Many owners in Texas have a strong and proud connection with the history of the region in which they settled. Many of these homes, which serve as rental accommodation, are a bridge between the past and the present. Of the Texas houses from the 1800s, many B & B's have retained the original woodwork and furnishings. Staying in one of these gems can give you a fantastic look at life in Texas. In particular, Washington County is known as the birthplace of Texas, and cities such as Brenham, LaGrange and Washington-on-the-Brazos offer accommodations that really focus on providing visitors with windows to the past.

3. Stay up to date with local events and festivals.

Almost every small (and large) city in Texas boasts at least one unique festival and a dozen interesting attractions and excellent restaurants. The most important thing is to be aware of these attractions. It can be difficult for someone who is not from this area. Because most Texas boarding houses are run by residents who are embedded in their communities, these lodgings are great places to get information from. In addition, bonus points for a traveler who reserves a house located near the city's attractions. This can save you some time if you are within walking distance. Some B & B's in Texas also offer discounts on local attractions in the area. Some people are surprised to learn that Texas has parts known for wine, such as the Washington County Wine Route. Wine towns are particularly good at offering extras related to vineyards and wine routes. For more information, contact your local chamber of commerce or visitors' office for recommendations. Some great festivals to keep in mind include the gin cotton festival in Burton, Texas, the annual Round Top Antiques and of course the famous Independence Day Festival in Washington.