The best luxury hotels in Washington

Washington should be on the list of everyone traveling around the world as the seat of the US government. This wonderful capital has many sights and great shops, but it is not a cheap place to visit. There are many luxury hotels in Washington DC from which you can visit the surrounding museums, parks and monuments. Washington DC, often overshadowed by New York and the bright lights of Las Vegas, is a friendly and hospitable city that can be explored on foot.

The 2-kilometer National Mall, which runs from the Lincoln Memorial to the shining Capitol Hill, is surrounded by trees, statues and classic white buildings. See the White House, visit the Pantheon National Art Gallery, the Jefferson Monument, and find time to travel through Potomac to the green acres of the Arlington National Cemetery.

Here are some of the best luxury hotels in Washington DC to choose from:

Four Seasons Hotel
Four Seasons is one of the best luxury hotels in Washington, DC, providing good service, comfortable beds and elegant furniture. Located at the elegant end of town in Georgetown, discreet service and excellent facilities make it well worth the money.

Renaissance Mayflower
In similar style and quality as only the four seasons, Renaissance Mayflower is the largest luxury hotel in Washington. He is also a member of Historic Hotels of America and has recently completed a multi-million dollar renovation. The hotel is conveniently located near most of the tourist attractions of the business district.

Hotel Monticello
More modest in size and style than other luxury hotels, Hotel Monticello offers excellent accommodation for business guests and tourists. Conveniently located in historic Georgetown, this comfortable luxury hotel meets all requirements.

Hotel George
This modern, trendy hotel is ideally located for those wishing to walk to Washington's main attractions. Thanks to funky graphics and contemporary design, it is also very ecological. High-tech amenities include plasma TVs and iPod docking stations, and the style will definitely appeal to the younger generation.

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