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PICNICS IN THE E.U. CAPITAL. The city of Brussels, headquarters of the European Union, last week introduced European Canteen, a series of modular picnic tables that will pop up in seven different parks throughout the summer, encouraging al fresco …
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10 iPad Apps to Help Ease Your Work-Leisure Travel Woes
With school now ending and work schedules easing up, many are looking to beaches and other parts of the world to travel. Long ago, that meant using a travel agent to get help. But in a world where smartphones, tablets and computers are everywhere and …
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How to Travel With Six Kids Without Losing Your Mind
When travel writer Dan Miller of the site Points With a Crew travels with his family, they don't just board a plane: they invade it. Dan and his wife, Carolyn, have six children — three boys and three girls ranging in age from 3 to 15, all of whom are …
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