Top beaches in Santa Cruz – Enjoy your stay in California

If you are in California, don't miss the beautiful beaches of Santa Cruz. Los Angeles can boast of Baywatch, but the beaches in Santa Cruz have their own beauty. There are a variety of things to enjoy, such as primo surf spots and a dog-less leash beach with open sand and rocky bird watching bays. Visitors should start with Main Beach, where the picturesque promenade separates a large part of the family-friendly beach promenade from an old American amusement park with a prehistoric big dipper.

West of Main Beach is West Cliff Dr, littered with dilapidated bays and ample parking. There are benches where you can watch giant pelicans diving for fish. In the parking lot of the lighthouse are the best bathrooms with showers. East Cliff Dr's beaches are larger and have calm waters. These beaches are less trodden and more sheltered from the wind. Parking can be difficult on summer weekends, but you can get a day permit at East Cliff and 9th Ave.

Each beach has its own beauty, but some of the best beaches are: main beach, famous for its scenic beauty, shops, volleyball and crowd. Lost Boys was filmed on this beach. Cowell Beach is best suited for beginners. Another beach known as Its Beach is located west of the lighthouse and is the only official off-leash beach for dogs. Natural Bridges is a family favorite with lots of sand, tidal pools and monarch butterflies. Twin Lakes is a very spacious beach with a pond that is very popular with children.

Other famous beaches include 26th Ave / Moran Lake County Park, Capitola, a warm beach with gentle waves, and New Brighton, which is best for running and camping. Information about transportation can be found in the Santa Cruz subway station [buses on the coast]. In California you cannot miss these beautiful beaches in Santa Cruz.