Fashion-Forward Travel Clothing – 5 Rules for Choosing the Most Comfortable Clothes for Your Travel

Traveling can be a complicated, frustrating and stressful process. Whether you are taking a short excursion or a transatlantic flight, the goal is to make your trips as comfortable as possible. While most people are preoccupied with what kind of techno equipment they need to pack (eg iPod, iPad, laptop, DVD player, noise canceling headphones, etc.), is my main concern usually what I will wear? While there are few rules for choosing the right travel outfit, they should not apply without prior notice. Having made some wrong travel mode steps in my past, I have become an expert in the field of comfortable travel recovery.

Here are my 5 rules for choosing the most comfortable clothes for your travels

Rule no. 1- Make the feature as important on your travels as fashion.

Just because you're trying to travel comfortably does not make you look like you're wearing pajamas. And just because you're traveling does not mean you have to dress. Consider a modern, stylish lounge-wear. Maybe a pair of elegant underpants and a cuddly cardigan. Nothing too restrictive and binding. Just because it's loungewear does not mean it has to be worn in the walls of your home.

Rule no. 2 Think of your ultimate goal.

Do you meet friends or business colleagues? Are you going directly to your hotel or are you entering directly into a business meeting? Choose comfortable clothing, but this is where you need to be at the other end of your journey. There are so many types of comfort pants that are non-limiting and give you plenty of freedom of movement. Women even have the opportunity to wear stylish lounge dresses.

Rule no. 3- Consider keeping an easily accessible change of clothes nearby.

If you are unable to get your travel outfit working after the plane or in the car, consider storing the necessary clothing in a convenient location, either in a carry-on bag or on top of your own Suitcase. This way, you can quickly and easily find what you need.

Rule no. 4-dress for your climate.

And with climate I mean the arctic temperatures of the friendly sky or the damp, stuffy conditions of the car. For some reason, airlines love to freeze you to death, and perfecting the pace in the car is next to impossible. Choose a lightweight, fashionable cardigan or sweater to keep warm when needed. And the lower layers must definitely breathe, so choose soft, airy fabrics that will not let your back get wet, and non-limiting waist bands that will not leave an impression on your side.

Rule no. 5- Think of wrinkles.

When you jump out of the plane or out of the car, is your crispy white shirt pulled out of the seat and your pants completely wrinkled? Never travel in linen! One hundred percent untreated cotton fabric also tends to wrinkle. Choose fabrics that do not scream: "I sat down for the last 3-4 hours!"

Never before has there been more room for comfortable clothing than it is today. For more information about comfortable loungewear options, click here.